Ambition Bundle

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For the resourceful one, the ambitious & cunning leader, this bundle was inspired by Hogwarts' Slytherin house. You’ll do what it takes to get what you need & there’s no shame in that. You don’t need permission to be yourself. You do you.


  • 12oz Ambition candle – scents: a sultry mix of amber and ebony wood. Comes with a gold lid.
  • Night Veil soap & bath bomb – by Nestingzone: provocative and earthy. This soap / bath bomb combo is crafted to bring grounding to your life. I know it’s hard being a badass. 
    Wild Cypress • Oakmoss • Amber

Evil queen magic

What makes Evil Queen so special? I’m glad you asked. Our small batch, hand made + poured candles are:

  •     • Made from 100% American-grown soy
  •     • Free of harmful toxins or phthalates
  •     • Made with cotton wicks
  •     • Vegan and cruelty-free

Here at Evil Queen headquarters, we make your candles with love and sass every step of the way. From label design, to hand pouring candles, packaging, and shipping them to you… You can rest easy knowing you’re supporting a small biz that truly cares about its products and customers. Read more about Evil Queen and how we got started here.