Evil Queen is now offering customer rewards! Earn SASS STARS with every purchase, referral, and more! Here's how you can start earning today: 



Create a customer account on so you can track all your purchases, manage your subscription, & earn Sass Stars! Plus, you'll get 200 Sass Stars just for signing up!

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It’s probably the easiest way to get sass stars, & there is no limit to how many you can earn! (Seriously.) For every order you place with Evil Queen, you’ll earn two Sass Stars for each dollar spent on product!

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Everybody wins when you refer a friend! They get an awesome discount for purchasing from Evil Queen using your referral link (15% off their first purchase!), & you get a fat stack of Sass (Stars).




You’re a queen! and you deserve to be celebrated like one! As a special little gift to celebrate the amazingness that is you, we’re giving you 150 Sass Stars on your birthday. Let the celebration begin!




Here are some quick and easy ways to earn even more Sass Stars! Make sure that social media follows, Likes, and shares are completed via the EQ Rewards launcher. You can click the EQ Rewards button on your screen or click one of the buttons below.


Rewards are not eligible for use toward subscription box discounts. Purchases must be made while signed into associated Evil Queen customer account to receive Sass Stars. All other reward tasks must be completed from the EQ Rewards launcher to receive Sass Stars.


Rewards Program FAQ

How can I view my rewards balance?

To view your account balance, simply login on our website, then click the black "Rewards" button with a crown on the lower left hand corner of the screen to open the rewards launcher. (On mobile, the button will appear as a crown icon.) At the top of the rewards launcher you will see your Sass Stars balance.

How can I get credit for referring a friend?

In the rewards launcher there is a section called “Refer your friends”. To get credit for a referral, you must copy and paste your personal referral link from this section. Anyone who uses the discount link must sign up for a new Evil Queen account for the referral to count (existing customers cannot get the new referral discount).

I follow you on Instagram/Facebook, why didn’t I get Sass Stars?

To earn Sass Stars for following us on Instagram or Facebook you’ll need to do so via our rewards launcher. If you already follow us, you’ll be able to do so again through the launcher to earn your Stars.


How can I see how many Sass Stars I need to earn rewards?

Once you have clicked the rewards launcher you can click the link that says "All rewards" to see how many Sass Stars you'll need for each rewards earning.

How come I didn’t get Sass Stars for my recent order?

You must have an Evil Queen customer account to collect Sass Stars and earn rewards. If you have an account and didn’t get Sass Stars for your purchase, it’s likely that you forgot to sign in before placing your order. Email us at with your order number and let us know you forgot to sign in when placing your order.

I didn’t sign up for rewards until after I placed my first order. Can I get points for the purchase I already made?

There is no way to automatically redeem these points. However, if you send an email to with your order number we can manually apply the Sass Stars to your account. Please note: request must be made within 30 days of purchase date. We cannot award any Sass Stars for orders more than 30 days old.