The Romantic (Libra)

Our beloved Zodiac collection is finally back... with a twist! Each candle reflects the zodiac signs personalities. See the third ingredient of each candle to find out which zodiac sign each candle is for.


Meet: The Romantic. Our take on a Libra candle.


Each of our zodiac collection candles come topped with biodegradable glitter and stars, for that extra special added touch.


Our zodiac collection comes in your choice of three scents. See "additional description" and "scent notes" sections for more details.

Sage & Cypress 2/3 fragrance strength
This candle starts with bright top notes of spruce and bergamot and blends into earthy mid notes of sage and cypress. To round off the scent, base notes of palo santo and patchouli give this scent that musky, sultry vibe you know and love. If you're concerned about patchouli, it is not very noticeable in this scent, it just adds that certain depth to the candle.

Ozone & Green Leaves 2/3 fragrance strength
This candle is like stepping into fresh mountain air. Breezy top notes of ozone, greens, and marine are blended with hints of apple and mint. Leafy green leaves and fragrant eucalyptus compose the heart of this scent, which rests on a woody base of moss, sandalwood, and balsam.

Kumquat & Tart Orange 3/3 fragrance strength
A bounty of delicious fruits. Top notes of green, citrus, kumquat, sweet strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, and fruity plum. Floral heart notes of jonquil, gardenia, and jasmine. Musk completes the base of the fragrance.

Please make sure to select your scent carefully. Scent options cannot be changed after you have made your purchase.


Top: Bergamot, Spruce
Middle: Cypress, Sage
Base: Palo Santo, Patchouli, Dark Musk, Smoke

Top: Ozone, Green Floral, Mint, Marine, Apple
Middle: Green Leaves, Eucalyptus
Base: Moss, Balsam, Sandalwood

Top: Citrus, Kumquat, Sweet Strawberry, Pineapple, Fruity Plum
Middle: Jonquil, Gardenia, Jasmine
Base: Musk

  • • 12 oz jar full of 100% soy wax from American grown soy beans. Net weight of the wax: 9.5 oz.
  • • Handmade and poured with love and sass
  • • Burn time of 50+ hours when burned properly
  • • Vegan. Phthalate free and non-toxic. Cotton wicks. No bullshit.
  • • This candle comes topped with biodegradable glitter and stars.
  • • Allow your candle to burn for at least a few hours the first time you light it, making sure the wax reaches the edges of the candle jar. This will create a large enough "melt pool" and ensure that your candle burns evenly and for its full life.
  • • Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4". Always. I mean it. If you’re lighting your candle for more than four hours, blow it out for a few seconds, trim the wick, and relight.
  • • Be attentive. Make sure your candle is in a safe area on a heat safe surface where it won't catch anything on fire. Trust me. Fastest way to ruin a good time is by lighting the lamp shade on fire.
  • • Evil Queen candles are handmade and poured. Variations in color are completely normal and to be expected.
  • • Frosting and spotting may occur due to temperature changes in transit. Because we can't control Mother Nature, we are unable to replace candles that have frosting or spotting. Read more about this in our FAQ.
  • • International shipping is available, but not listed as an option on the site. Should you want to place an international order, please send an email to:


Burn Time Cotton Wick Cruelty Free Phthalate Free Reusable Soy Wax

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