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It's Aquarius season! Grab one of our Zodiac candles to celebrate the rebel in your life 😏

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“Sometimes we feel like nobody understands us, and then other times we spot a hilariously accurate candle that was basically made for our dark souls.”


“Evil Queen offers all 12 zodiac signs in three different scents to best suit your vibe."


"Evil Queen recently went under a rebrand and the new labels are simply a 10/10. They still feature the sassy one-liners I've grown to appreciate but have a much cleaner look any candle fan will enjoy."

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can burn guilt free

Vegan & Non-Toxic

We only use American grown soy for our candles

Handmade in Michigan

Every candle is handmade in Traverse City, Michigan

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High quality wax means long consistent burn times


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