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our story

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Evil Queen was born in a tiny apartment kitchen in Los Angeles, California. I had never made a candle before, so I had a lot of work to do!


Evil Queen moves into its first official warehouse space and hires its first full time employee!


A few more warehouse moves, a few more employees, and a lot more candles! We started our subscription box and have been committed to creating new candles monthly since.


The pandemic threw us for a loop with state mandated closures and supply chain struggles, but we persevered.


Evil Queen hits the road and moves across the country to Traverse City, Michigan (my home state!)


Nestled in our warehouse amongst the trees, EQ is as committed as ever to providing the best smelling candles (with the sassiest names).

Evil Queen started in my tiny apartment kitchen in Los Angeles, California in 2016. Had I ever made a candle before having the idea to make sassy candles? Absolutely not. But I was determined to figure it out and bring some more laughter into the world.

Fast forward to today, 4 warehouses, a cross country move, and a handful of employees later, we’re still bringing fun into homes with our sassy candles with attitude. We’re still making and hand labeling these with all of the same love I put into these candles back when I made them in my kitchen. I’m so grateful that you’re here. I hope you find your new favorite candle and I hope it brings some joy and smiles into your life.


the team

the humans behind evil queen


Founder and CEO

One of my favorite parts about Evil Queen (besides getting to work with my incredible team!) is coming up with the new scents and label designs. The process of creating is so soothing to me, and I’m overjoyed when you all are able to connect with the candles.


Operations and Photography

CFO: Certified Forklift Operator. I like working at Evil Queen because every day is different! My favorite candle is Can’t Adult Today.



My favorite candle is Exhale the Bullshit or anything with tobacco oud in it. My favorite part of the job is learning about the candle making process and making something that so many people find joy in. I love being a part of a quirky, funny team where everyone can be themselves, and doing something for a job that truly is fun!


Shipping Expert

Aka the “Candle Stork”. My favorite part about the job is being with my silly coworkers in a positive work environment. My favorite candle is now Get Shit Done.


Candle Production

Aka “The Finisher”. My favorite thing about working for Evil Queen is getting to come into work to a positive environment, and a job I genuinely enjoy – which mostly consists of annoying my coworkers for a bit, finishing and labeling the candles and making them look their best before getting shipped off to their new forever homes. My all time favorite candles are Moody Bitch and Same Shit Different Year.


Candle Production

My favorite part of the job is being able to smell all the different fragrances, there's just so many! Also, the work environment. You are able to wear leggings every day, and the team is great. Many laughs throughout the day! I love fall scented candles all year long but Can't Adult Today stole my heart. The smell is just so sweet and yummy.


Shipping Expert

When I’m not causing chaos in the warehouse i’m chilling at home with my dog Benny, my cat Sierra and my rabbit Dr. Bonkers. I love photography and am always down for doing crazy shoots! My favorite candle is probably Can’t Adult Today and my favorite thing to do at work is drive the forklift.


Candle Production

My favorite part of the job is working in a safe and supportive environment. I never dread coming to work and always leave happy :) My favorite candle is Bat Shit Crazy.


Customer Service Manager

My favorite thing about working for EQ is having been able to do a little of everything (from warehouse to now backend) and being able to brighten people’s day with just a quick response. Sometimes my days feel like I’m talking to old friends! I feel empowered knowing all sides of the business and having the blessing of working for a company I truly love and believe in. My favorite candle is Rainy Daze.


Graphic Design Expert

I'm proud to say I've been working with Ida on the Evil Queen team for over five years! I've happily worn many hats through those years–customer service, ordering, wholesale management, packaging, web design, marketing, etc. These days you'll find me poppin' in your inbox with some cutie candle pics and sassy sayings a few times every month. My favorite EQ scents are anything earthy, manly, or vanilla-y. If I *had* to choose, I'd say Stolen Hoodie or Old Soul (hllo, Egyptian Amber 🔥). But the classic Basic Candle (RIP) will always have a special place in my heart (and an unburned double wick on my shelf...) Outside my time at EQ I am a mom (both cat mom and human mom), yoga instructor, and avid (also, amateur) DIY-er.

the warehouse

Evil Queen strives for perfection when it comes to quality and craftsmanship - it's something we work on at our warehouse every day! We make your candles with love and care and ship them out as efficiently and safely as possible. Our small but mighty team is dedicated to getting you all the candles your heart desires (and having some fun along the way!) Follow along with our shenanigans on Instagram or Tiktok for more behind the scenes footage of the EQ team and warehouse.